Types and Features of UniMig MIG Welder

UniMig is among the leading brands when it comes to MIG welders. To date, it has manufactured a wide variety of MIG welders for every budget and specialisation. Here are some of the types of UniMig MIG welders available, and their notable features:

  • UniMig Viper Arc 140amp TIG-MMA DC inverter welder – UniMig developed the Viper Arc series to compete with low-quality and cheap inverter welders for beginners and DIY users. It boasts a competitive price and a lightweight build. The machine is surprisingly robust, reliable, and versatile, with its DC scratch start TIG capability and a 17V TIG torch, which makes it useful for welding cast iron, low hydrogen, copper, and bronze. Reputable retailers of UniMig MIG welders provide the Viper Arc 140amp with 2.5kg general purpose electrode pack and earth lead and arc lead set.

  • UniMig Viper MIG 182 inverter welder – This UniMig MIG welder is a 180amp gas-gasless MIG-TIG-MMA welder that comes with a legally fitted 10amp plug ideal for scratch TIG, stick, and MIG welding processes. It welds aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel, and steel and it can handle both gas and gasless applications. The unit weighs 12kg and it comes with a MIG torch, argon flowmeter regulator, gas hose with fittings, and a signature AutoDark variable shade 9-13 black helmet. UniMig Viper uses the renowned inverter technology of Jasics, and it is competitively priced for tradesmen and DIY welders.

  • UniMig Razorweld MIG-TIG-MMA 250 digital inverter – Razorweld is an inverter-based digital controlled portable MIG welder that is versatile and useful in MMA and TIG welding, too. Designed for professionals, this UniMig MIG welder provides precise control and excellent flexibility on welding parameters. It is backed by a 36-month warranty, which is considered among the best in the industry. With a digital settings section, you can easily laser target a voltage and wire speed in an MIG welding process, with or without a gas shielder.

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