The Best Gasless TIG Welding Equipment in Australia

TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding, which is also known as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) is a process that uses tungsten electrodes and a shielder gas (usually argon) with a filler rod, which is fed into a weld puddle separately. TIG welders typically use gas (gas shielded), but certain applications may require that you go gasless or self-shielded. Some of the best gasless TIG welding equipment in Australia are versatile and capable of gas/gasless applications. Find a reputable retailer of welding equipment that is based in Australia to explore the selection of leading gasless TIG welding equipment from well-known brands.

Self-shielding TIG welding equipment does not need any gas. Instead, the welder relies on a flux-cored wire and a continuous tubular wire feed. Compounds are formed from the vapour coming from the flux, and that provides the gas shield, which protects against oxidation. Gasless TIG welding equipment in Australia is useful for outdoor welding because it eliminates the need to lug around an external gas tank. It is suitable for welding locations that are windy, too, since the breeze could cause the shielding gas to disperse and not be applied precisely to the metal, resulting in weld beads and a badly formed arc or joint. Another benefit of using gasless TIG equipment is doing away with windshields, since the shielding gas is already being generated by the burning flux.

The best gasless TIG welding equipment in Australia is fast, reliable, and safe. Some of the manufacturers of high-end TIG gas and gassless welders include UniMIg, Razorweld, and Bossweld. UniMig Viper MIG-TIG-MMA inverter welder is an example of a versatile welding equipment for gas/gasless applications. It comes with a 10amp plug and runs on DC current. The welder can weld aluminium, cast iron, steel, and stainless steel, and the equipment weighs approximately 12kg.

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